element26 is Liz McKinnell.

Born in the Midwest, Liz grew up in a woods by a glacial lake where she and her siblings had many adventures. Running down ancient trails packed smooth by the Potawatomi, exploring uncharted lands, cross-pollenating their mother’s flowers, and making potions in their laboratory on blustery days were just part of everyday life.

This world of imagination and creativity led Liz to her passion for art, design, and science. She received her Bachelor of Science degree with distinction in Applied Design and Visual Communications from the University of Minnesota, and continues to explore and create as a graphic designer and art director.

Over the years, Liz has worked in Minneapolis, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon, on projects for clients such as Nike, KEEN, Danner, Microsoft, Umpqua Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Disney, The Body Shop, SimplyShe, Gallo Wines, Target, Lids, Levis, Thymes Limited, Public Radio International, Rainforest Cafe and Regis Salons. Her range of experience includes branding systems, creative directives, retail systems, catalogs, books, packaging, direct mail, corporate collateral, tradeshow and sales meeting graphics, promotional/media/seeding kits, advertisements, digital design and photoshoot art direction.

Liz currently lives outside Portland, Oregon, on the edge of an old forest, where she works out of her studio (the design lab!) and still makes time for adventures (and the occasional potion).

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